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Be One

Our offices are in 3 different cities,
but we operate as a single group.
Same philosophy, same method, same approach,
regarding the relationship with our customers,
we feel we are development partners.
Our offices represent our modern,
essential and elegant style that we also adopt
in every strategic or creative work we develop.
They are meant to offer our collaborators
a pleasant and stimulating place to work.
Through our offices, we also want
to give the impression that our customers
have chosen the best solution
for the communication of their products.

Group Philosophy

Be cube, be magic

We started with a conviction
is not enough to be today, you need to be cubed.
You have to have a "problem solver" approach,
offering strategic, creative, and operational solutions,
at a competitive cost.
We have selected the essential elements
that must be present in all our successful communications
and we have ideally carved them
in a solid, precise, element, which is recognizable: the cube.
Thus, it becomes a clear commitment for us
and a strong promise made to our customers.

This is how our Magic Cube was born.

Mission & Vision

Be the future

Be Strategic

Because we know that the purpose
of every creative idea is to allow companies
to achieve their goals.
This is why we are strategic partners
because we believe in developing
the business of our customers.

Be Surprising

Our campaigns will be remembered and excite,
they know how to capture the attention
and to surprise the public.

Be Digital

Because we know that the Web Communication
has become indispensable to reach new targets
and to encourage direct interaction with the public.
Today it is necessary to guard the online communication
and new opportunities provided by Web 2.0,
which are designed in a logic
of integrated communications,
alongside more traditional forms.

Be Operative

Because we know that every client's success
depends on the speed of execution,
the ability to adapt to different situations
and the desire to cooperate at his side,
supporting the objectives and timing

Be Different

Because we know that in order to differentiate
from the background noise of global communication,
we must be original in the language, creative,
innovative in the graphics
and modern regarding the selection of instruments.

Be Competitive

Because we know that our ideas in order to be effective
must have a creative sense and an economic sense.
This orientation results in projects
that are always in line with the budget of the customers.
To avoid unnecessary costs we work with targeted strategies
and an efficient way of working.

Marketing & Advertising

All our ideas come from
a study of the company
and the competitive environment.
The analytical approach is crucial,
because the creativity is weak without strategy.
Our nature is suspended
between rationality and imagination,
and allows us to create campaigns
that are enjoyable for the public
and effective for the company.

Graphics & Design

The development of creative ideas
goes through the elaboration of concept graphs,
which always quests for perfection.
The same care is devoted to design in general,
which combines functionality and style
in the design of impeccable projects.
The design of a stand,
rather than the creation of a single object,
is for us a form of expression for the company.

Events & Public Relations

We have learned that two monologues
don't make a dialogue.
We get people in touch
through strategic public relations activities
and engaging events.
We create emotions, organising
memorable meetings,
in order to strengthen the relationship
between the company and its public.

Web & New Media

We believe in innovation
and we are experts in digital communication.
The language of the web continues to evolve
towards a user-generated logic,
that is why we offer much more
than just website design:
eCommerce Site, iPhone-Android Win Apps
Development, Facebook App,
Social Media Marketing, Social Apps & Games,
Buzz Marketing, Digital PR, QR code.
We help companies to change
in a changing world.